Feb 29, 2012 12:00AM

Our Favourite Model Slash Actress Moments

Following rumours that Abbey Lee will star in a Spielberg film.

Fashion month is winding down, and with a decided lack of runway time from Abbey Lee Kershaw. Being ranked the #5 model in the world on Models.com, you'd expect to see her doing more than just two shows during NYFW (for Alexander Wang and Anna Sui). Her Australian agency, Chic, has told Frockwriter that Abbey has been absent because of an impending knee surgery tomorrow in New York. Which is all well and good (though obviously not for Abbey) - except for the fact that, two days ago, New York fashion photographer Damian Bao tweeted: "Abbey Lee shooting a film with Steven Spielberg and skipping #mfw... hmmm... so interesting...". Abbey's New York agency, Next, gave a very unconvincing response, telling Frockwriter they are "not able to comment at the moment on any of Abbey's projects". (FYI: Spielberg is currently working on Men In Black III and Jurassic Park IV).

Karlie Kloss was also suspiciously absent from the runways in New York, London and Milan, fuelling a rumour that she was also perhaps going to make the move onto the silver screen. The rumour was started after Karlie tweeted: "Today was a game changer ;) #LovingLife" during NYFW. Two hours later she tweeted again: "No one is more bummed than me to be missing out on all of the #NYFW fun - sending all my love to NYC! xx". The rumour was quashed when she opened Anthony Vaccarello's Paris show. According to Elle.com, Karlie was meant to be filming a commercial in Japan but it didn't work out, hence her appearance at Vaccarello's show. Check out the Instagram pic of her FW12 debut:

In light of all these rumours, we've selected some of our favourite model-turned-actress moments.

Kate Moss - Little Britain (2006)

Kate made a very short appearance in a live stage version of the British comedy series to support Comic Relief. She really never smiles does she?

Gemma Ward - Black Balloon (2008)

The doll-faced, wide-eyed beauty made her film debut in acclaimed Aussie indie film Black Balloon.

Grace Jones - A View to Kill (1985)

The James Bond film starred Grace as the 'hot bad girl sidekick' to Christopher Walken's psychopathic evil genius. Unfortunately she dies in a nasty explosion right after switching to Bond's team. At least she probably crossed a few things off her bucket list first though, like parachuting off the Eiffel Tower and taking a roll in the hay with James Bond.

Lou Doillon - Gigola (2011)

The film had a little bit too much soft porn to have a wide release, but Lou's portrayal of a lesbian gigolo set in the criminal underworld of Paris in the 60s was warmly received. Spoiler: she uses a silver-topped cane as a sex toy.

Lily Cole - The Moth Diaries (2012)

Okay, so it hasn't been released yet but we're guessing this is going to be 10 million times better than St. Trinians, which also stars Lily.

And then there are those models who realised that they could add a '/actress' to their job description without actually having to act...

Tyra Banks - Coyote Ugly (2000)

She basically took her old Victoria's Secret runway tricks on to the big screen for her portrayal of a hot'n'feisty bartender. There was also that time she played herself (sorry, 'Ursula Nyquist') on Gossip Girl.

Brooklyn Decker - Royal Pains (2009)

In her guest appearance on the US TV show she really had to stretch - she played a swimsuit model. The bigger stretch was probably having to pretend that Peter Jacobson (from House) was her husband.

Cindy Crawford - Fair Game (1995)

How could we not mention Cindy's turn as lawyer Kate McQueen, where "making enemies is just part of the job"?

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