Aug 03, 2015 2:41PM

Our Seven Favourite Fictional Sisters

Happy National Sisters' Day!

DYK it's National Sisters' Day in America? Well ya do now, and because sisters are the best, we've decided to celebrate this special occasion too.

Fictional sisters have ruled our lives from peak Lindsay in The Parent Trap to the magical Charmed trio(s) and Buffy and Dawn's complicated relationship. We also love our IRL sisters (related or not) and so in honour of all this, here's a mini-history of sistas who've taught us that despite your differences, ur girls should always come first.

1. Lindsay and Lindsay in The Parent Trap were the best case for how opposites can still be besties and badass accomplices. Don't pretend you don't still know that secret handshake, and every line of the movie.

2. The two sets of Charmed sisters were both equally great groups of magical megababes who taught us that you should always end a day of demon fighting at the club, with a cocktail and a sxc outfit. Some of us also may or may not have made our own Book of Shadows out of a metallic green diary and a printed out Charmed symbol. 

3. The five Lisbon girls of The Virgin Suicides were some seriously dreamy albeit messed up babes, who showed us how to sustain your own fantasy world even if your parents are cray cray.

4. Buffy's little sister Dawn — who was actually not a person but a ball of energy/"key" that unlocked different dimensions (duh) — she was also a klepto, QTpie who stole our and Buffy's hearts. She was probs the most teenage teenager ever too. 

5. 10 Things I Hate About You showed us that sometimes your sister can be the worst, but she can also surprise you by punching her dbag of a boyfriend in the face, and making the v wise choice of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Also, Heath <3 :(

6. The Olsen twins are unarguably the greatest fictional and IRL sisters of all time. Outfit inspo 4 eva.

7. Daria and Quinn were both great in their own ways and gave us so many #wordstoliveby.

Let's hear it for sisters!

Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones