Feb 08, 2011 12:00AM

Oyster #90: Sweat it Out

We asked a bunch of our friends and contributors to explore sweet, sweaty Summertime.

Nothing calls to mind LOVE and LIFE like Summertime. Whether you're mooching around in your underpants, baking on the beach, or letting off some steam, there's one thing that's unavoidable: SWEAT. With that in mind, we asked our friends and contributors to explore the idea in Oyster #90. In no time at all, they squeezed out these glistening snaps of sweet, sweaty goodness, leaving us hot under the collar and thirsty for more.

Photography (in order):

1) Darren Ankenman www.darrenankenman.com

2) Elvis Di Fazio www.elvisdifaziopeople.blogspot.com

3) Darren McDonald www.darren-mcdonald.com

4) Paul Joyce www.paul-joyce.com

5) Tristan Ceddia www.nevernow.com.au

6) Fumi Nagasaka www.fuminagasaka.com

7) Fabien Kruszelnicki www.kruszelnicki.com

8) Emilia Bergmark-Jimenez www.annaemilia.se

9) RJ Shaughnessy www.rjshaughnessy.com

10) Ryan Kenny www.ryanthomaskenny.com