Jan 04, 2012 12:00AM

Oyster #96: Disclosure

"On national radio I called Howard an emo."

For Oyster #96, Ariane Halls caught up with Disclosure, the UK brothers who have been coming up with some of the best dance music and managing to do it without any sibling feuds.

Considering Guy and Howard Lawrence are aged 20 and 17 respectively, I have no idea how they manage to come up with such good dance music: one of them isn't even old enough to get into a nightclub. Irrespective of their ages (and the fact that they still live with their parents), their indefinable mix of house, soul, garage and dubstep means that Disclosure are making a serious impact on the international music scene.

Ariane Halls: How do you fit in your live shows when one of you is still at school?
Guy Lawrence: Um? it's difficult.

Howard Lawrence: Not very well [both laugh].
Guy: No, it's alright. He tries to go in as much as he can. I mean, its not like we're gigging every day, so it's manageable. But if it really kicks off then I think college will have to go out the window.

Howard, you're not old enough to go to clubs yet, technically. Do you have any trouble getting in to play?
Howard: Yeah, sometimes I have problems. Sometimes they ask for ID, and then they'll be like, "You have to get out of the pub." But, yeah, it doesn't usually happen.

Do you go out anyway? To clubs?
Howard: Yes [laughs]. Quite a lot, actually!

Are your parents very strict?
Guy: No, they're both very musical as well. They've been in bands and stuff all their lives and I think they're both a bit, sort of, jealous of what we're doing at the moment.

You started performing when you were young ? did your mum dress you in matching clothes and make you do musicals?
Guy: We found an embarrassing video of us dancing to Michael Jackson the other day, but that's about as bad as it got. We're not twins or anything, so she didn't get to dress us up [laughs].

What is the main difference between your personalities?
Guy: Oh, Howard's much more laidback than me [laughs].
Howard: Yes.
Guy: See? He's agreed with that, because he's so laidback [laughs]. Whereas I'm much more frantic and a bit more, um, I don't get stressed, but I just have to have everything done? Well, I've got OCD with some things.

Are you the one that's holding the phone and controlling this conversation?
Guy: Yes - well, you rang me, so that's not because I'm controlling.
Howard: She's right though!

Do you think that comes out in your music at all? Does it cause any problems?
Guy: No, not really. When we write it's quite an individual thing anyway, because obviously we've got quite different schedules with Howard being at college. Most of the time it will just be one of us in the studio, and the other one will come in and work on the projects. It won't be until the end that we actually get together and get it finished. At least, I don't think so, Howard?
Howard: I agree with everything.
Guy: He agrees with everything I'm saying [laughs].

OK, so I want to give you a test. It's not a difficult test, it's on bands that have brothers in them. Are you ready?
Guy: Yes.

You just have to choose which you prefer. So, would you rather Hanson or the Jonas Brothers?
Howard: Oh, man!
Guy: Oh - I don't care [laughs].

The Beach Boys or The Kinks?
Guy: Oh, Beach Boys, definitely, yeah. Love The Beach Boys.

Sparks or the Bee Gees?
Guy: Ah?
Howard: Bee Gees.
Guy: Yeah, Bee Gees.

This one is difficult: Kings of Leon or Good Charlotte?
Guy: That's not that hard! Kings of Leon, if it's their first album.

The first album was good, wasn't it?
Guy: Yeah. Can't be going with Good Charlotte, no no no.

And finally, Radiohead or Oasis?
Howard: [Laughs] Radiohead! Definitely Radiohead.
Guy: Oh yeah, Radiohead, 100 percent. They're one of our..er, one of my favourite bands.

Do you prefer Liam or Noel Gallagher,though?
Howard: I prefer Noel Gallagher.
Guy: I don't really have an opinion; that was Howard. Howard prefers Noel.

What's the meanest thing that one of you has said to the other?
Guy: On national radio I called Howard an emo.

[Laughs] That's so mean!
Guy: Yeah, it was on BBC Radio 6, which is quite a big radio station.
Howard: And now it's out in Australia. Brilliant!

Yes, and in print, for everyone around the world to read. Howard, did you get him back in any way?
Howard: No, that was the end of the show; it was the last line. It's really annoying, actually.
Guy: He's still waiting to get me back.

Check out some of our favourite Disclosure tracks. Disclosure performing 'Blue You' live at Curated by Lyle & Scott:


Photography: Ben Rayner