Aug 01, 2017 7:06PM

Oyster Exclusive: P.A.M AW17 'Froglife' Lookbook

Following an excellent and girl powerful collection for SS17, smart crew over at P.A.M have just released their AW17 to equivalent applause. The collection is dank, and called 'Froglife' for obvious reasons. It features a print designed by aesthetics-lord Peter Sutherland, which is described as "frogtopian". There are jackets with embriodered text, designed to "ensure the mental state remains unzipped," "hallucination-based camouflage," and a whole bunch of items that "hold the key, even though the lock has long been broken." At this stage, we'd be happy to wear the press release on a t-shirt and call it a day.
For the lookbook, Oyster fave Byron Spencer has cast a whole bunch of P.A.M friends, family, and Sydney celebs. It's a real loose situation. To help tie things together, we asked Misha a few important questions regarding the collection:
If it was a colour: Green
If it was a mood: Slimy
If it was an animal: Frog
If it was a language: Amphibian
If it was a place: Water Lilly
If it was a time: Ancient
If it was a song:
It's Not Easy Being Green

If it was a season: Wet
If it was a food: Legs
If it was a famous person: Any of the Lizard people
Photography: Byron Spencer
Creative direction: Byron Spencer
Casting: Byron Spencer
Styling: Pauly Bonomelli
Hair: Pete Lennon
Make-up: Claire Thomson
Talent: Daniel Stricker, Jedda Daisy with their son Lucien, Dan Brown, Kato, Peter Simon Phillips, Pete Lennon, Fetu TutuKoco CareyMatt GodeSamuel BarrieCloudy RhodesElijah SlavinskisClaire ThomsonAmelia VivashNahaal

Hayley Morgan