Dec 07, 2012 5:29PM

Oyster Fashion: 'A Weekend in Upstate New York' Shot by Quinn Tivey

Featuring Drake Burnette, the star of Larry Clark's 'Marfa Girl' film.

Over the weekend Quinn, Drake, and I went up to Quinn's farm in upstate New York. The weather was beautifully dreary, that perfect shade of morbid gray. The area we stayed in was far off the beaten path, as desolate and remote as the town in Fargo. It was the kind of town where everyone is quirky and alarmingly nice, where you get those 'you ain’t from around here' glances when you walk into the local bar.

Being in the country allowed us to let go, lose track of time, and have the kind of fun we used to have as kids (or at least the kind of fun I always romanticise I had since I was raised in the city). We ditched our cell phones and let our freak flags fly. We ran around with sparklers and smoke bombs, drank in the woods, chain-smoked American Spirits on the lake, and fraternized with farm animals (some more friendly and willing to be photographed than others).

Besides being incredibly down to earth, what I love most about Drake is her unbridled enthusiasm and how she's always up for anything, no matter how crazy my ideas might get. The girl never says no. Quinn has been my best friend for four years now and our relationship revolves around consuming unhealthy amounts of cheese and talking about everything from kitsch to Stanley Kubrick. It was only a matter of time before we all found some way to collaborate and if there's one thing I've learned lately, it's that there's no time like the present.

Photography: Quinn Tivey 
Fashion: Gillian Sagansky
Art Direction: Gillian Sagansky and Quinn Tivey
Model: Drake Burnette @ DNA Models
Hair and beauty: Eileen Kirwan
Photo Assistant: Rhys Tivey
Production Assistant and Smoke Bomb Handler: Chris Zeitler

Gillian Sagansky