Jul 18, 2013 4:14PM

Oyster Fashion: Models Off-Duty x Chloe Nour x Wrangler

Casual babes in denim.

Sarah Marland, Teresa Oman's best friend, is a bare-foot babe from Byron Bay. She just spent some time getting shade and a vaycay at Hayman Island, and now she's back in Sydney. In her downtime she enjoys playing her Gameboy. 

James Gounis surprised us all when he arrived in a suit. He was on his lunch break from the city where he works as a lawyer. He's pretty much a real life adult.

Trent Rowsell and Noni Cragg are in luv. Trent makes really cool BMX seats, and Noni makes really cool art. They're currently in America having a fun time.

British-born model Richard Hall was scouted in the Burwood Westfield food court. When the 18-year-old is not modeling, he's studying at uni.

Wendy Chen is super cute and super quiet. She likes cats and Cornettos.

Photography: Chloe Nour
Models: Sarah Marland, Trent Roswell, Noni Cragg & James Gounis @ The Wolves, Wendy Chen & Richard Hall @ Priscilla's