Jun 14, 2015 6:00PM

Oyster Introductions: Petra Collins Introduces Her Sister, Artist Anna Collins

"She inspires me and I inspire her."

Today is National Sisters' Day in the USA, and it's a totally legit cause for celebration becuase sister2sister forever. To mark the occasion, we've traded in best fictional sisters for best IRL sisters — Petra and Anna Collins. Get into the cute fam vibes above and below. 

With a lens firmly set on girl culture, artist Petra Collins creates photos that feel like we're glimpsing into genuine, private moments. Her unique sensitivity and ability to explore female friendship, sexuality and self-discovery has resonated strongly with young women, from Tavi to her thousands of Insta-fans. For this series, we asked Petra to shoot her sister, fellow artist Anna Collins. Here, she tells us a bit about the shoot and their relationship. 

How would you describe Anna in five words?
Maternal, warm, strong, hyper, andliterallythebestever.

How do you think she'd describe you?
Hyper! Super hyper. Her and I can laugh and entertain ourselves for ever.

What's your first memory of her?
Well, when she was born, I thought she was mine — like, not my baby but my doll. I was so excited and obsessed to have her. She was born eight pounds and I was super scrawny, so she was this big cute cuddly roll-y exciting thing.

What was your relationship like growing up?
We were (and are) unseparable — we slept in the same bed until I was 14. We would play with each other every day. I feel so lucky to have someone who I'm so close with and still am.

How has it changed?
It's just grown — I really admire her and now we are actually able to create works together.

In what way are the two of you most different?
Hmmm, I don't know — she loves eating ice and it drives me insane. The loud chewing noise is too much.

What fictional sisters best represent you?
Abigail and Amelia from The Aristocats! They are just constantly laughing and that is so us — we are anyone's best audience.
What influence has she had on you?
I think we influence each other all the time — she inspires me and I inspire her. She constantly makes me want to be a better person.

What song represents Anna to you?
Cyndi Lauper — 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun'

Are there any family traits you both share?
Hyperness and depression.

What were you trying to capture about Anna in the shoot?
She has such a bright, funny, warm personality — I just wanted to represent that at the fullest extent.

What do you guys fight about?
Clothes! Always clothes. And I guess when I get moody I am mean to her. :(

Photography: Petra Collins
Fashion: Mayan Toledano in Me and You clothing

Lana Guineay