May 01, 2015 4:20PM

Oyster Mix: BAD DEEP Sparkle Pageant

Pretty hurts.

BAD DEEP are throwing another dance party at the Sly Fox Hotel tonight, and everyone's invited! The theme is Sparkle Pageant and apparently it's going to look like an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras directed by David Lynch. Terrifying/amazing.


While this year's sparkliest event is a great excuse to Vaseline your teeth and put all that glitter you received in the mail to good use, don't forget it's also the perfect chance to showcase and develop your deportment skills, confidence and self esteem. You'll have ten hours to do so with no lock-in, aka. non-stop party times 'til the break o' dawn.

DREEMS, The Completely Boys, Bad Deep DJs and our good m8
Ariane will be pumping out thumpers all night long, giving you ample opportunity to hit the DF and let your inner beauty shine through.

BAD DEEP: Sparkle Pageant takes place this Friday May 1st from 8pm to 6am at The Sly Fox, 199 Enmore Road.

Photos: Tumblr 

Madeleine Woon