Mar 12, 2015 11:33AM

Oyster Mix: BAD DEEP's The Last Resort

A tiki-tropo-apocalypse.

Our good m8s over at Entropico return for another night of good vibes and on-point bangers this Friday March 13 with the next instalment of BAD DEEP. This time 'round, they're transforming The Sly Fox Hotel into The Last Resort, a Contiki cannibalism nightmare ravaged by nuclear apocalypse.

But fear not, party ppl, because the pastel asbestos walls of The Last Resort will stand strong and its guests will keep the good times rolling. Simon Caldwell, The Swirly Train, Mike Who, XL Capris and Entropico DJs will commandeer the poolside doof colony to keep you stomping allllllll night long. So, on Friday the 13th, don't be afraid to get a little weird. Pair your grass skirt with a gas mask and make your way to The Last Resort — entry is free and there's no lock-out. 

Here's the exotic mix followed by our YouTube highlights. Time to get turnt, tiki-style.All Saints — 'Pure Shores'

Primal Scream — 'Loaded'

Wham! — 'Club Tropicana' 

M.I.A — 'Bad Girls'

BAD DEEP: The Last Resort takes place this Friday March 13 from 8pm to 6am at The Sly Fox, 199 Enmore Road.

Nadia Bailey