Aug 07, 2012 3:52PM

Oyster Photo Essay: 'The Aquanuts' By Danielle Levitt

An underwater story from our 100th issue.

Photographer Danielle Levitt wishes her nickname was Diamond D. She documents subcultures, and for our 100th issue she photographed synchronised swimmers in Walnut Creek, California. This was her submission based on the theme Dream and it just so happens to tie in quite nicely with the Olympics. We love the colours, the make-up and the outfits — synchronised swimming really can be so stylish. Check out the short film directed by Danielle and meet the girls behind the dream. 
Photography & Direction: Danielle Levitt
Production: Stephanie Porto
Director of Photography: Patrick Sher
Additional Photography: Mark Likesky
Editing: Christophe McHale & Patrick Sher
Fashion: Danielle Nachmani
Make-up: Anouck Sullivan using Smashbox
Music: Bubbles
Special thanks to Kimberly Probst, Yuka Yeh and Olga Kouznetzova and the Walnut Creek Aquanuts Junior/Senior 2012 team.