Jul 01, 2014 2:30PM

Oyster Playlist: Artist/Producer Andrei Eremin

Including an exclusive Martin King Ciara remix!

Andrei Eremin has been pretty influential on the music scene as of late, producing for Chet Faker,  Naysayer and Oscar Key Sung. Now he's teamed up with fellow locals Fractures to drop his debut track 'Ghosts', which you can listen to here! In celebration of the songs release we're going to a) listen to the track on repeat because it is hauntingly beautiful and b) take a tour of Andrei's Oyster Playlist. The Martin King remix of Ciara's 'Got me Good' is even a world exclusive! Clear your schedule — you need as much time as humanly possible to delve into the world which is Andrei Eremin's impeccable music taste. 

Radiohead — 'Little By Little (Caribou remix)'
Hat tip to Caribou for turning a slow-burning art rock jam into one of the tastiest beats I’ve ever heard. Throw in some sneakily cut up faux-rap adlibs from Thom Yorke and you’ve got remix gold.
Adele — 'Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx shuffle)'
Following the same minimalist aesthetic as Caribou’s remix, there’s just something inherently cool about having nothing but bass for harmonic content. Almost nothing happens and it’s perfect.
Young Dreams — 'Footprints (Naysayer & Gilsun remix)'
Leaders of the art-club movement (that I wish had more contributors), Naysayer & Gilsun flip this Norwegian indie pop track about as far on its head as it can go. Heavy and crunchy.
Tincture — 'Similar Circles (Planète remix)'
A beautiful reimagining of Tincture’s trap-inspired dark pop track. Planète takes it to a place somewhere between the club and the Amazon rainforests, grooving along with the utmost fluidity.
Ciara — 'Got Me Good (Martin King remix)'
One half of Australian legends Oscar + Martin, Martin utilises Ciara to shape top 40 from commodity into art. There’s absolutely nothing safe about this bootleg remix and yet it’s as danceable and accessible as the original.
Kanye West — 'Mercy (Crescent remix)'
Another bootleg reinvention, this one goes into post-internet footwork territory via an obscure Melbourne producer, Crescent. Embrace the mp3 sound.
Hermitude — 'HyperParadise (Flume remix)'
Not only better than the original, but my favourite track from Flume’s whole discography. You’ve probably heard it already, but go ahead and pump it again.
Four Tet — 'Pyramid (Atoms For Peace rmx 1)'
I’m sure someone will want my head on a pike for preferring this one to the original, but I love the idea of a band remixing a producer and coming up with something that doesn’t readily fit into any genre. For fans of drum machine jams.
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