Aug 27, 2014 3:26PM

Oyster Playlist: Heartbeat @ Goodgod

A 'Freaks in the Club' themed guide to your new favourite night.

Public service announcement: there's a new night dedicated to underground club music of the 70s — 90s. Think exotic disco, punk, funk, pop and DIY delights.  It's basically your new favourite Goodgod night, dedicated to electro-boogie, proto hip hop, caribbean funk and more. You're in great hands on this one — record freaks Steele Bonus and Dusty Fingers are running things from 11pm Saturday 6 September. We know you're already planning to go, but take a listen to the playlist they put together for us to really get in the mood. The theme? Freaks in the Club. What else? Get freaky.

King Sporty — 'Do You Wanna Dance'
"King Sporty AKA Noel Williams is a Jamaican reggae artist who moved to Miami and started making some hot disco jams in the 80s. When I first discovered this clip I was completely hypnotised and I think I ended up watching five times in a row. The music, the lights, the dance moves, the clothes, it's all too much to take in!"

Soma Holiday — 'Shake Your Molecules'
"French-American duo who came out of the club scene of the early 80s in NYC with this cult dance floor cut. You can hear the influence of early NYC electro and hip hop in this one. Such the tune and a great clip that I only stumbled on recently."

Crash Course in Science — 'Cardboard Lamb'
"Back in 1981 this group of Philly art school students were making electronic post-punk and nice homemade film clips."

Gaznevada — 'IC Love Affair'
"Now over to Italy. The year is 1983 and here's Gaznevada with this Italo disco hit."

Number of Names — 'Sharevari' From The Scene Detroit
"The stuff of legend right here. The Scene was a TV show that ran in Detroit throughout the 70s and 80s and here we are with the tune that started it all when it came out back in 81. This clip has been around for a number of years. If you haven't seen it yet then watch immediately."

Liaisons Dangereuses — 'Los Ninios Del Parque (Live at the Hacienda)'
"Crazy Germans on stage in Manchester back in 1982. Such a mad level of energy in this performance. There is a clip of the full set of YouTube if you go searching, recommended viewing if you have an hour to kill."

Stephen Encinas — 'Disco Illusion'
"Trinidad in 1979. Here is musician Stephen Encinas with the tune he himself described as an attempt to capture the look and feel of what was happening in the exploding disco scene. This rare bit of footage helps to better paint the picture for us. Big ups to Gary and Brandon from Invisible City for resurrecting this clip and amazing piece of music."

Jorge Ben and Tim Maia — 'Lorraine'
"Two heavyweights of Brazilian music sharing the stage here to perform at a Jorge Ben concert back in 1982. An incredible moment."

Roshell Anderson — 'Wild Dreams'
"Roshell Anderson chanelling a bit of Robert Palmer in the film clip for his funky feel-good tune 'Wild Dreams'. Apparently this guy is a news anchorman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin these days."

Jeff Phelps feat. Anointette — 'Hear My Heart'
"One to wind down with off Jeff Phelps' album Magnetic Eyes, recorded in his Houston bedroom back in 1985. The song and clip features the then teenage Antoinette on vocals."