Jan 16, 2017 5:29PM

Oyster Playlist: 11 Lady DJs To Look Out For In 2017

Ahead of Summer Dance!

We've got some good news for those of you who are planning to venture outside of trap music this year: DJs, radio hosts and cool ladies Andy Garvey and Lauren Hansom have selected their top eleven female DJs to watch in 2017. Their list is a welcome reminder that there's a whole lot going on outside of Paris "I'm one of the top five DJs in the world" Hilton. (Still love you tho, bb.) It also acts as a timely gee-up for this weekend's Summer Dance party which will see Andy and Lauren smash out sets alongside Palms Trax, Roland Tings and Kornél Kovács. Cop their recommendations below (and head here to snap up Summer Dance tickets). 


1. Peggy Gou (South Korea) 

"I rinsed her Seek For Makoop EP last year, she seems very fierce from the interviews that I've watched with her. In one she called out every person who has ever held their phone to a DJ asking for a track, 'JUST LET THE DJ BE THE DJ!!!!'"

2. Marie Davidson (Canada)

"I love when you can listen to an album at length and feel as though you can relate emotionally to the life experiences of the artist. Marie Davidson released her debut LP at the end of last year, in it speaks about naivety and staying true to yourself. I think as an artist, and especially being female, this is essential to having a fulfilling career. <3"

3. Powder (Japan)

"I can't think of any artist as cool as Powder, so inconspicuous but infectious. Her music is so intricate and evolving. I was devastated that I missed out on her recent Sydney show!!"

4. Avalon Emerson (USA)

"This tune on Whities was heard through so many dance floors in 2016 and still gives me shivers every time!"

5. Nite Fleit (Aus)

"She is by far one of my favourite DJs in Australia, she's putting 100% of herself into everything she does without cutting any corners. I'm very excited for everything that is to come!"


6. DJ J'Nett (Aus)

"Not an act to look out for just in this coming year, but probably for forever and ever and ever. DJ J'Nett has been schooling the local scene and laying down serious house, soul, acid, techno, disco, and everything in between, since the early 90s. Her knowledge of music is extremely extensive and she shares it weekly via her radio show 'Are You Ready?' on Melbourne's PBS.fm. Last year, DJ J'Nett came through 'Spin The Bottle' and seeing her DJ up close is a seamless art. She is just so in sync with her selections and you can see that she really feels (gets) the music rather than just hears it, which is infectious for anyone dancing along to a DJ. Recently she went B2B with Theo Parrish and I don't think I've ever heard of an Australian going B2B with Theo before, so that says something, hey? Big love J'Nett. Thanks for for the tunes and for being a star. <3"

7. Lauren Izabel (Aus based in the Netherlands)

"Another Aussie girl absolutely killing it. Her radio show come record label Lullabies For Insomniacs is fantastic and definitely worth checking out. She has a knack for picking up incredible and obscure records, plus she seems like someone who really likes to dig for tunes rather than play it safe and dish out whatever is popular at the time. She recently played at Freda's with Tako and absolutely slayed it. Set of the night! I'm really excited to see what's up next for Izabel. I believe she's billed for Dekmantel Selektors festival soon, the lucky duck! She's got a couple of experimental tracks on her Soundcloud, but nothing officially released as of yet. Based on her collection though, I'm guessing her compositions (if she does release) will pull through some heat. My fingers are crossed tight that it is sooner rather than later."

8. Shanti Celeste (UK)

"When the Vibe 3 complication came out on Future Times in 2015, I remember listening to it and playing the first track on the third disc over and over. The percussive grooves, cosmic synths and relentless baseline of 'Strung Out' created this sense of journey for me. Not only is this lady producing and DJing but she also co-runs record label BRSTL and has recently launched her own label, Peach Discs, which is looking to be a label to keep your tabs on."

9. Claire Morgan (Aus based in Germany)

"Another golden export, native Aussie now based in Berlin, Claire Morgan first caught my attention at Subsonic 2015. I had seen her name before, but had not previously had the chance to catch a set. Claire playing at the River Stage on Sunday evening at sunfall was just fire. I remember thinking to myself that her blends of atmospheric techno into cosmic house were so apt and accompanied the surroundings in such a natural way. A few months passed by and I looked her up to find out she has a background as a film composer, which made absolute sense. Her ability to create a soundscape is ridiculous and carries through all her sets regardless of whether she is playing heavy techno, house or ambient pieces. She is a composer at heart and I cannot wait for her work to be released. For now, I can absolutely lose myself in her mix for God Goes Deep."

10. Sassy J (Switzerland)

"Artist and DJ Sassy J is a big vibe maker for sure. She's another digger who is constantly pushing for music that is soulful or perhaps a little left of centre, or just music that is memorable and defines a moment. She has been growing her collection for over 20 years now, so I can only imagine how extensive it is. What shines through most though is that Sassy J just does Sassy J and I think that's what makes her so loveable."

11. Jayda G (Canadian based in Germany)

"When I go to a gig, I never really watch the DJ because I'm mostly too busy dancing, but it's always so refreshing when the DJ involves themself in the dance floor and Jayda G has got it down pat. DJ, producer and co-label owner of Freakout Cult, with DJ Fett Burger, Jayda G is keeping herself pretty busy whilst making some pretty neat tracks on the side. Her Jaydaisms release on Freakout Cult last year was great; full of percussion, groove and beautiful synth lines. She has also released on local legend of a label, Butter Sessions along with Sleep D and best mate Fett Burger and I'm really looking forward to hear what she's been working on lately."

See you at Summer Dance!

Photo: Anais Pouliot shot by Benny Horne for Oyster #98

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