Aug 23, 2013 4:50PM

Oyster Playlist: Mac DeMarco

Top YouTube fetish videos.

Mac DeMarco is the 22-year-old Montreal-based musician with a disparate public image, a knack for putting on amazingly unhinged live shows and a thing for row boats. He's just released his second album '2' on Spunk Records and it's full of the kind of world-weary honesty and observations of mundanity that you'd expect from someone twice his age. But then there's his lo-fi inventiveness, slacker delivery, and penchant for glam rock. We got Mac to make a YouTube playlist for us for a few reasons. He's playing Meredith this year,  he's touring nationally with The Twerps, and mostly, because we really wanted to pick his brain. Here's the result:

"These are some of my favourite videos on Youtube, and they all touch on different fetishes. I find it very interesting how some people can be so attracted to such strange things and ideas. I don't become sexually aroused while watching any of these videos, but there's something very calming about them to me. Most of the videos touch on certain themes that I can relate with, such as smoking, blue jeans, and flatulence. God bless you."

1. スタジオファンデザイン製フィメールマスクD「バナナ♪口開けテスト」

2. cigarcop 2007

3. Wet old Levi's jeans 501 with j-lube # 3

4. Juicy Bass In Ya Face...

5. Wet after work

6. Hahn HPF160 Firewood Pro - part 3

7. worken on pickup

8. Dive - NIRVANA (Danny - Kurt)

9. Muddin in the Creek 3

Tour Dates

Wednesday 11 December 2013
The Corner Hotel —Melbourne w/ The Twerps 
Sold Out

Thursday 12 December 2013
The Standard — Sydney w/ The Twerps
Sold Out

Saturday 14 December
Meredith Music Festival 
Sold Out

Sunday 15 December (as Walter TV)
The Tote Hotel — Melbourne

Monday 16 December
The Shadow Electric — Melbourne w/ ScotDrakula & Jesse Davidson

Tuesday 17 December 
The Oxford Art Factory — Sydney w/ ScotDrakula & Jesse Davidson

Wednesday 18 December 
The Zoo — Brisbane w/ ScotDrakula & Jesse Davidson

Thursday 19 December
The Bakery — Perth w/ Thee Gold Bloom & HAMJAM