Aug 04, 2014 1:14PM

Oyster Playlist: Music For Headphones

Strut anthems.
We're suckers when it comes to plugging in our headphones — guilty as charged. Whether it's stomping round the city, public transporting it to and fro, or just zoning out at home, we're all about that life-as-a-soundtrack. Headphone lords, Bose have got a competition running alonside their current #ListenForYourselfAU campaign which showcases musical talent. With all this in mind, we've been inspired us to make a mix tape of the tracks we're continually blasting through our headphones — both guilty pleasures, songs to daydream to and anthems to get hyped by. 
1. Flume & Chet Faker — 'Drop The Game'
You could listen to either of these guys' albums on repeat and your ears would thank you. For the sake of bromance, their collab is a go-to on our ear-waves.
2. M.I.A — 'Bad Girls'
Great for when you're on the move and working like a boss and getting things done. Professional on the outside, bad girl in the earphones.
3. Mac DeMarco — 'Ode To Viceroy'
So, so lazy. You could plug in your headphones, play DeMarco on loop and never move from your little slice of couch heaven again.
4. No Doubt — 'Sunday Morning'
Gwen Stefani is everyone's spirit animal. A playlist without No Doubt is a playlist to be ashamed of.
5. Twin Shadow — '5 Seconds'
Seriously, play this five seconds before you clock off and head for afternoon drinks, you'll thank us later.
6. Cannonball — 'The Breeders'
We're just gonna go ahead and say this one is good for any circumstance.  
7. The Stone Roses — 'Fools Gold'
Press play and stare blankly at the ceiling, guaranteed for the four of the most blissed out minutes of your day.
8. Ace of Base — 'The Sign'
Guilty pleasure? That's the beauty of headphones my friends, ain't nobody's business that you're getting down to this all day everyday.
9. Gang of Youths — 'Poison Drum'
Australian boys making waves overseas. Press play on this track for an instant smile and an instant boost.
10. Grimes  — 'Vanessa'
Think a crisp winters morning all rugged up and ethereal, this lil gem will warm you up and make yo do a little jiggy.

Bose are currently doing a giveaway where you could win a $20,000 grant to support the development of your unique talent. All you have to do is head on over here and submit a demonstration of your talent — a photo, video or sound track. A winner will be selected weekly, before the competition closes on 17th September for final judging.