May 20, 2015 3:33PM

Oyster Playlist: The Best Dance Videos On YouTube, According To Amrita


This Saturday, our mates at Goodgood are teaming up with Vivid Music to throw a wild dance party called Flex, and you're invited. Feat. cool ppl like Chela, Luen, Laprats and Ollie Henderson, the whole thing is hosted by Goodgod's resident dance class diva, bad gal Amrita. To get you in the mood to throw some shapes on the d-floor, we asked Amrita to give us her top ten dance videos OF ALL TIME and here's what she said.  

"When I was 13, I used to fantasise that my future clubbing experiences would be like a mix between Save the Last Dance/Honey and A Night at the Roxbury. The fantasy involved a halter neck top and hoop earrings, and culminated with an epic yet aloof dance sequence, in which everyone stood around me in a circle. While. I. SLAYED. 

"At 14, I tried to realise this goal at an under-18s dance party called NRG in Elanora Heights. Ashanti and Ja Rule's 'Always On Time' was playing and I v. coyly started the routine I had practiced which was set to build at, "'Cause it's about a quarter-past three and shorty's eyein' me," only to be shut down and semi-grinded on by some 16 y/o, Lynx Africa-wearing fool who tried to undo my halter neck. I walked away and did a double-knot in my top.

"Morals of this story: dance fantasties will be made reality at Flex, don't EVER let someone stamp on your dance dreams or undo your top in the club/blue light disco, flex and let them know what's going down, Lynx Africa is fucking foul.

"Here are my favourite dance clips to get you really inspired for movement and club fantasy."

Chela — How To Dance To The Zero Minimix

"This is my girl Chela showing you HOW IT'S DONE. This may be my top most-watched clip on the 'tube. She'll be with us on the 23rd with the Flexettes. #fangirllll <3"

Kola Kola

"This is the most mesmerising clip I have ever seen — the angles are so inventive and wondrous. Whoever shot this is a DIY vid clip genius. I want to have a pool party and pop bottles."

History of House Dancing

"My friend Elliot from Pelvis showed me this. I have re-watched it and educated myself on the snake and stylistically huge moves. House dance is where it's at!"

Paris is Burning edit — a Willi Ninja tribute

"I am constantly surprised when people haven't seen this documentary — my reaction is usually, 'You need to go home NOW and watch it and educate yo'self.' And then for people who have it usually inspires a conversation with lots of hand gestures."

FKA twigs in rehearsal

"I LOVE YOU (attempt this at it)."

TLC — 'Creep'

"I saw TLC wearing satin pajamas, and I wanted satin pajamas (and a fan to blow them in the right direction to show off my abs). I am yet to find the perfect combo, but oh I will. This is quintessential 90s groove. RIP Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes."

Marcos Valle — 'Estrelar'

"I liked this song for years before it dawned on me the brilliance of the video. Oh, to be Marcos or bikini bottomed in Brazil. Lyrical silhouettes of fitness. <3"

Split Your Jeans, But Don't Break Your Dick

"One word — DAGGER. But do it safely and savagely at the same time and always with respect." 

Beyoncé — 'Deja Vu feat. Jay Z'

"Flex started from a Beyoncé class. It was a 'Single Ladies' class that sold out and since then we have had hundreds of kweens/gods in class each week. It sparked many more movements and divas and smiles and sweat. Each time I do a class, I am so grateful and it lifts my mood 100%. So here is my fave Beyoncé clip at the mo, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN."

Batsheva Dance Company — 'It's About Making The Body Listen'

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