Feb 18, 2014 4:51PM

Oyster Playlist: The Growlers

'On the Road' mega mix.

California's The Growlers are riding high after the recent release of their latest single 'Dogheart II' — the jangling follow-up to their previous track 'Humdrum Blues.' The garage-psych, surf rockers are also touring Australia and New Zealand this March and to celebrate, the boys went ahead and made us a Oyster Playlist. The theme? 'On The Road.' The length of said playlist? Appropriately long and winding. It's a collection of songs that The Growlers crew listen to in the tour van. Enjoy!

The Only Ones — 'Lovers of Today'

Gerry Rafferty — 'Right Down the Line'

Roxy Music — 'Same Old Scene'

Dwight Twilley Band — 'Looking for the Magic'

Kiss — 'Strutter'

Wire — 'I Am the Fly'

T-Rex — 'All Alone'

Kurt Vile — 'Waking on a Pretty Daze'

Chris Spedding — 'Motor Bikin'

Death — 'Keep on Knocking'

Ty Segall — 'Queen Lullaby'

Gap Dream — 'Shine Your Light'

Sanford Clark — 'It Ain't Nothing to Me'

Holy Shit — 'My Whole Life Story'

Fox — 'Only You Can'

Babe Rainbow — 'Love Forever'

The Beach Boys — 'Do It Again'

Rhythm Device — 'Acid Rock'

Roxy Music — 'Virginia Plain'