Feb 27, 2017 1:46PM

Oyster Pop Quiz: Aurora

Live from Laneway 2017!

IOHO, music festivals are the perfect venue for pulling aside talented artists and asking them mundane questions about life. It's with this flawless logic in mind that we sent our friend Ryan Kenny along to Laneway Festival 2017. Armed with a camera and a list of very serious questions, the photography expert and aspiring interviewer captured some portraits of our favourite acts before putting the hard word on them. Here he quizzes 20-year-old electro-pop prodigy Aurora about her food-related dreams, animalistic tendencies and fictional travel destinations.

Ryan Kenny: Who are you?
Aurora Aksnes: I am Aurora — a human, animal, animal-human.

What would you like to be when you grow up?
A polar bear.

What did you last dream about?
I think it was about this big Jell-O… There were two rooms in each end of the Jell-O, and I had to walk from one to the other and it was really slow. That's the last dream I had, it was very strange.

Is there anywhere you'd rather be?
Than here? No... Okay maybe, umm…

Somewhere you want to go on holiday?
You know that planet where Avatar takes place?

I haven't seen Avatar.
Pandora or something? Look it up, you'll find it! I would like to be there.

When did you last give yourself a pat on the back, for doing a good job?
This morning.

Did you play last night?
Did I? No, I did not. We had an afternoon off yesterday.

What made you pat yourself this morning?
I think I remembered to bring the keys out of the apartment before the door locked itself, which I never do. So I was like, "Oh, yes. Good job for remembering the key".


Photography: Ryan Kenny
Photographic Assistant: Justin Vague

Lucy Jones