Mar 03, 2017 4:01PM

Oyster Pop Quiz: Whitney

Seth or Ryan?

Welcome to the second edition of Oyster Pop Quiz, where we take some very sophisticated musicians and ask them some very important questions. This time indie outfit Whitney are in the ~hot seat~ talking The O.C., career goals and falling in love in your dreams, live from Laneway 2017! Get into their eternally relevant conversation below.

Ryan Kenny: I'm a photographer, so I never ask people questions. So… who do you want to be when you grow up?
Max Kakacek: What's the character from Tim and Eric? Steve Brule. Big time! I'll get there eventually. I've got to drink a lot more and eat a lot more food.

What do you do best?
Tell people what to do.

Seth or Ryan? You guys are from California…
Julien Ehrlich: Oh fuck, he doesn't even know that!
Max: hit man, that's a hard question! I would say Seth. He's just, like, cuter. Ryan's just kind of a douchebag also, he's a bro so I'm going to go less bro. I'm more Seth. Seth's also got the whole Summer thing locked down so that's cool; that's a goal of mine.

Is there anywhere you'd rather be right now?
Max: No, pretty happy in Melbourne.

If there were anywhere you'd rather be, where would it be? It doesn't have to be Earth.
Max: Actually, I had a really good time in Tokyo. We were just in Tokyo and I really liked it there. It's a really cool place.

I would like to ask you what you'd like to be when you grow up as well.
Julian: I'm pretty much doing exactly what I wanted to do ever since I was, like, two years old. But I want to end up being like a stay at home dad with a wife who has a career… Well, I'll hopefully be making royalty money but still paying for my kids' tuition or whatever. I want a wife who also follows the shit out her career and I can take care of the kids because I've already put in an intense amount of work.

Good answer. What did you dream about last? Do you remember your dreams?
Julian: Oh dude, I had this crazy dream… Okay, I had this dream where me, Max and then Josiah our bass player were being convicted of murder — we were suspects in the crime but we knew that we hadn't done it. Then I was in an interrogation room with this girl, she was a real hard nose, grilling me on, like, "Where were you at 4:30am?" and blah, blah. And I was just like, "I was in bed, whatever", and she said, "Alright I believe you". And then we fell in love; it was the weirdest thing. I was like, "Oh okay, well, fuck all that bullshit", and then she's like, "Yeah, you want to go get a beer?"

It was like a real life dream.
Julian: Yeah, it was pretty intense.

Photography: Ryan Kenny
Photographic assistant: Justin Vague 

Lucy Jones