Jun 10, 2016 3:29PM

Oyster Premiere: DJ/Producer Louisahhh's Very Internet 'Ready' Video

Deck legend.

Louisa Pillot, better known by her stage name LOUISAHHH, is a sick producer who definitely knows her way around the decks. Aside from being a well-versed/talented musician with a heart of gold, her Instagram appears to exist in part to make the world a brighter place, with its seriously precious curation of dog images. In other words, she's someone we'd love to bff.  

We're super excited to be premiering the video for her Philippe Cuendet-directed clip 'Ready', from her Shadow Work EP, ahead of her show in Sydney tonight, and thought we'd take the opportunity to ask her a few highly important q's. Get to know her better below... 

How'd you get into producing?
After DJ-ing for a long time, I started to do vocals and write on other people's tracks, and worked with Stevie Be (of Bromance act Pipes) as part of NYCPARTYINFO. Admittedly, my production game is not my strongest suit so I still need quite a lot of help, be it from my partner in RAAR, Maelstrom, or Shelter Studios, who I'm working with on my next EP. Undoubtedly, the sound and songwriting is mine, but sometimes there is a distance between ideas and abilities; it's okay to ask for help in order to serve the work.

Who are your favourite female DJs/producers in the business at the moment, and why?
Paula Temple, because she's a bold genius making amazing, unconventional work. Black Madonna, because she has a giant, brave heart and you can hear it in everything she does. Jlin, because she is a true force and doesn't care about being liked — she is probably the most authentic person I know.

Also, HOOPS — a collective of women from around the world, including but not limited to: Nina Las Vegas, Anna Lunoe, Jphlip, Eclair Fifi, Uniqu3, Lauren Flax, Zora Jones, Moxie, Volvox, Jubilee, Piu Piu, Chchchen and many more awesome babes who talk via an all-girl DJ Google group/email chain. 

It's so nice to have a community of badass girls as peers; I am humbled and grateful. 

If you could play a set to an audience of five people, alive or dead, who would be in it?
Have you ever played to an audience of five people? That sounds awful. I would be very anxious, especially if I wanted to impress them. I'd rather it was just five cool animals who didn't care about dance music. 

Your Instagram is a beautiful testament to dogs. In your opinion, what’s the best dog picture/video on the internet?
That changes every day, but today it's this: 

What's your favourite record ever, and why?
Another impossible question. Today it's Unsubscribe's remix of Crash Course In Science's 'Flying Turns' — it delights me to no end. 

What are the top three tracks on your ultimate road trip playlist?
Depends on to where, and with whom. My last road trip consisted of listening to a lot of Alan Aatts lectures over Aphex Twin's selected ambient works. That sounds like love to me. 

Can you tell us your strangest fan encounter to date?
I don't know about strange, but some of my favourite and most moving fan encounters have to do with helping people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. It is a deep privilege to tell another person that there's a way out, and that life doesn't have to suck after you stop drinking and using, if those things are becoming a problem in your life. If anyone reading this is suffering, hit me up — there is a solution. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A grandprix show jumper and/or rockstar.

How has that changed?
I still want to be a show jumper; I just traded my guitar for CDJs, I guess. 

Do you have a life motto? If so, what is it?

LOUISAHHH will be playing the following Australian dates: 

Friday, June 10 — Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 
Saturday, June 11 — Railway Hotel, Melbourne
Sunday, June 12 — Grand Hotel, Wollongong 

For more information and to buy tickets, head here

Video: DIY.LI  
Photo: @louisahhh

Madeleine Woon