Jun 29, 2017 6:09PM

Oyster Premiere: Matthew Young's 'Collect' Is Sexy AF

Pour it up.
Matthew Young, once a masked NZ soundcloud dude with a casual 1.8mil plays and a debut called Lean Close, is now right out there. We've seen his face, we've read about his creative collaborations with one of our faves, Thistle Brown, and we've listened to his 2015 EP Dive. Loads. 
After a year off, which Matthew describes as "blurry and difficult", we see a new single and clip to match. 'Collect' is sexy af. Matthew is responsible for the silky production, with Josh Fountain providing the lovong touch — the final kiss on the forehead. He worked with Jordan Arts and Sean Loftin on the clip, a team he's worked with every time. Watch it below, and get to know Matthew below that:
Matthew Young
Mohji Mamamoto
Star sign:
Scorpio, maybe.
Spirit animal:
Either one of Prince's pet doves, Majesty or Divinity.
What do you do for a job?
I make music but I dance for free.
Where did you grow up and where are you living now?
Grew up in NZ, with semi-frequent trips overseas (mostly US) with the fam through the years. Living in NZ right now, it's pretty here, come visit me.
What impact did these places have on you?
Being in NZ has been a blessing, but feels kinda isolated. Early experiences of huge cities like LA, New York, Chicago or London definitely made the isolation feel more real. In saying that NZ is beautiful, peaceful, pretty safe and pretty progressive. I'm happy to be where I'm at.
What were you like in high school?
Art class freak, with too many mood swings thru too many different phases, usually influenced by whatever me or my clique was listening to at the time. Putting glue in my hair when I went thru a 'punk’'phase, shit like that. I was somehow very self assured at the same time, which I think comes from my Father's side.
How have you changed since then?
I pursue what I like now. Prince has been a very freeing influence. Still very self assured, but maybe more balanced? It's hard to know. I sway in and out of self awareness, but the mood swings have lessened, thanks to modern medicine.
If you had to describe 'Collect' in five words…?
I made this for you.
What impact does collaboration have on you?
Collaboration is a part of basically everything I do, more or less. Usually once I create the foundation of everything, whether that's songwriting, production or working on the visual shit, I take that to the people I love and trust. If their input is big or small, it's invaluable to me. Worked with Jordan Arts and Sean Loftin on the Collect video (who shot every other video too). They transformed a simple idea into something real.
What have been some of the best?
The collaborations with the team I've built around me have all been the best, I probably couldn't name specifics. It's in every part of what I've released so far, whether it's a small touch or an overhaul. I mean if I had done some massive collab with Young Thug, or Rihanna, or something I'd probably be talking about that, but honestly, everything I do with my team will always be my #1. I love them all.
What do you stand for/believe in?
All the good things and none of the bad. Everyone deserves the same love and the same respect, and if we curb/remove the bullshit in our own thinking, we have a good chance at getting things right for each other. Every person has the same value. Celebrity shouldn’t be the aspiration and money doesn't make you more important - feels like we assign the most value to the least valuable things. Creative expression and art is definitely valuable, but not more valuable than everyone doing life with you right now, breathing the same air. 
What films are on your watch list right now?
Endless repeats of Lethal Weapon 1 thru 4. New Spider-Man is on the list. I just saw Philadelphia on Netflix which broke my heart - pretty devastating, but beautiful and so worth the watch.
What scares you most?
Moths and butterflies.
Best thing on the internet?
I suck at the internet. Only thing I’m on time to is Kendrick releases. Maybe Quavo saying "wrap it up then" to Joe Budden is the best thing?
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Hayley Morgan