Dec 19, 2016 5:57PM

Oyster World: Tokyo

Feat. GucciGhost.

Welcome to the first edition of Oyster World, a place where we'll introduce you to shining, shimmering, splendid travel destinations. We'll eat, pray and love and leave you with infinite lists of must-visit locations for your next trip. Our inaugural adventure takes place in Tokyo with Byron and Alexander Spencer's visit to the GucciGhost exhibit. They came, they sang, they conquered, and brought back the hot travel tips and choice interview below. 

Stay: Park Hyatt

Lunch: Tofuya-Ukai

Tea and cakes: Rose Bakery

Shop: Dover Street Market; Harajuku

Drink: Bar Martha; the rooftop at the Peninsula Hotel

Sing: Karaoke Kan

Experience: Robot Restaurant

Relax: Niwa no Yu Onsen

Alexandra and Byron Spencer jet off to Tokyo to experience Gucci 4 Rooms — an interactive artist installation at the Gucci Ginza store featuring the work of Daito Manabe, Chiharu Shiota, Mr., and GucciGhost himself, Trevor Andrew: 

"I don't think I was discovered on the internet; I was using social media a lot as a way to get out these ideas — I mean, I was putting stuff everywhere and using all different platforms and mediums. Even though people say, 'Oh, you're a street artist' or a 'graffiti artist', I didn't even see that. I put it on the internet because I felt like people don't even look in the street anymore anyway. They look at their phones when they're walking down the street.

When I was discovered by Gucci it was actually through a friend, Ari Marcopoulos. He was commissioned by Alessandro [Michele] to shoot the Gucci lookbook. [Ari] knew what I had been doing and he shared some videos and pictures with Alessandro — who actually wasn't even on Instagram at that time.

When I first got to a point where I had money in my life — that I could go celebrate and buy something — I bought a Gucci watch. It was such a special moment for me. And I loved that it just had the 'G' — it was Tom Ford era. I felt like I'd made it. So that's where my strong connection [with Gucci] started, and now I'm just wanting to relive that feeling again.

With this project there's pieces that I had actually made two years previous to Gucci reaching out to me — it's like I had a vision for a general aesthetic but I was working with not the most amazing materials; it was just kind of like a sketch. So working with Gucci and Alessandro, he was just adding stuff and making [the pieces] so much better by applying these amazing fabrics. He's so good at making things; he's the master at that. It's such a special time for Gucci because I feel like he's reaching so many more people by being totally open." — Trevor Andrew aka GucciGhost, as told to Alexandra and Byron Spencer.

Photography: Byron Spencer