Sep 24, 2015 8:29PM

Pamela Anderson Made Vegan Shoes With Amélie Pichard, They're Good

The beach babe icon of the 90s has teamed up with long-time fan Amélie Pichard to make a vegan accessories collection. It's mostly shoes, seven pairs, and a single beach bag. Pammy's main goal was to prove that "vegans can be sexy," and she totally nailed it.
Her brain is in the right place, saying, "Young people want to make better choices when it comes to consuming, when it comes to fashion. We need more sustainable choices when it comes to handbags and shoes."
The collection, which will debut at Opening Ceremony LA on December 10, mixes Amélie Pichard's skew on french sensibility with Pammy's Malibu play. WWD reports that each item is made from nontoxic and breathable plastic, cottons, acrylics and rubbers sourced in France and Italy.
The plexiglass heels, patchwork denim, and metallic reds are on point. And don't even talk to us about the silver glitter soles. So good.
We're standing by for the campaign images, which will be Pammy photographed by David LaChapelle. Nice.
After the line's debut at Opening Ceremony LA in December, they'll be available at Colette and Ssense in January.

Hayley Morgan