Jun 02, 2014 1:04PM

Panic: The Teens Are Having Tinder Sex

The Melbourne Times is v concerned.
Everybody panic — the teens are having SEX. That's the general gist of this morning's The Melbourne Times report called 'Tinder teens out for sex: It starts off with general chit-chat usually' — which is a weird title, because what else would it start out with? It's Tinder. But before we get bogged down in the murky details of just how, when and for-the-love-of-god-why our horny teens are sexing on Tinder, let us not forget that this is a big picture issue and examine the bigger picture, we will. 
The two (!) young people interviewed for the story tell the writer (Tim) of how teens use the app "to find other teens who are interested in getting physical with no emotional connection," adding that they knew teenagers as young as 15 who were using the app. "Every person I know who has used Tinder has been asked for sex,” one private school girl of 16 says. The horror! We're truly surprised that a person on a hook-up app would be asked for SEX.
Don't get us wrong — we're not condoning the practice of highschool-ers engaging in anonymous/illegal sex and Jebus knows there are plenty of gross guys out there, just waiting to take advantage of the young and inexperienced. As some other guy, Inspector Stephen Dennis tells the paper, "There are individuals trying to engage with children online by posing as children themselves and trying to befriend particularly vulnerable children."
That said, let's be real. Tinder is not the cause nor yardstick for underage and/or reckless sex. There's this other thing called 'the internet in general', where suspect creeps also lurk. There's also that creep that lives on your street, there's authority figures, strangers at bus stops — all kinds of people who can be just as gross as those on Tinder.
If a legal teen wants to have sex with any of the above (please don't) or anyone else, there's really not a lot you can do to stop them. What you can do is stop freaking the hell out and acting like 'teen sex' is trend piece fodder — a rare occurrence among a few stupid and/or 'slutty' girls. Not helping. 


Photo: Sarah Kennedy @Sad Girls Guide To Tinder / Ashley Minette