May 11, 2017 7:02PM

Paris Hilton Gives Crucial 2000s Styling Advice, And So Much More

Because everything comes full circle and, let's face it, no human ever truly let go of their passion for bedazzling a flip phone, Paris Hilton has recently given a truly deep interview in which she rightfully claims to have invented everything we enjoy today.
Selfies? Her invention. Millennial pink? Hers. Influencer? Hers. Being an actual successful reality TV star? Hers. And she did it all, initially, without a publicist. 
Along with the interview, which can be read in full over at W, Paris has given a video run down on crucial 2000s style. She details her fav trends from the era, because she loves and and wants us to "look cute". Cool. She explains how to wear tracksuits, why to wear slogan tees, how big your mini skirt should be (size of a belt FYI), and that you should leave if you're not having fun. Watch below:
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Hayley Morgan