Apr 01, 2017 9:56PM

Paris Hilton Saves The World With Very Small, Very Hydrating Science Invention

Like, so smart.
Paris Hilton, professional DJ, novelist, actress, future president and role model, can now add science person to her incredible list of occupations. She has opened her own research lab, called Paris Hilton Institute of Plastic Pollution Solutions, to come up with a way to save our world from plastic bottles.
Her solution is obviously genius — tiny bottles of water that are extra hydrating. One drop = one glass of water. Why did we not think of this? Ron Naaman from the Weizmann Institute of Science is equally impressed, saying it "may represent an important advanced leap in the field of Nano technology."
Get acquainted with your new favourite bev in the video below…
Confused? It's April 1st, and you got got by SodaStream.
Photo & GIF: NanoDrop, Tumblr

Hayley Morgan