Dec 06, 2013 5:04PM

Paris Hilton's Mandela Tweet

The (fake) saga.

So there was this dumb tweet making it's way across the internet this morning, following the sad news of anti-apartheid activist and former President, Nelson Mandela's death. It involved Paris Hilton. Naturally. Everyone thinks she's the dumbest. But in this case, she was not. It started with the following tweet:

Oh LOL, how funny; Paris Hilton can't tell the difference between Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. She is blonde and wears pink. Ergo, she is stupid. Wrong! Pink is a great colour and Paris has definitely had more private schooling than the average gossip blogger, so no surprise that the tweet in question turned out to be a fakey, distributed by the trolls over at @DeletedTweets. In a rare act of thorough journalism, the people at Buzzfeed have confirmed that Ms. Hilton was on a flight to Miami when news of Nelson Mandela's death broke. Then, she responded. Via Twitter:
Take that, cyber haters! You just got served by Paris Hilton and must feel really dumb right now.