Aug 05, 2013 3:23PM

'Past/Repeat' Shot By Caroline Mackintosh Part 2

The second instalment of our creative profiling.

We ask 19 young South African creatives the question:
'If you were a roadsign what would you say?'

Name: Laura Windvogel
Age: 25
Occupation: Gallery Assistant / Freelance Artist
Roadsign: Don't Stop

Name: Martin Magner
Age: 21
Occupation: Art Director
Roadsign: I'd be a big neon sign and I'd be saying an array of things. I'd enjoy it if I had good one liners to keep passing drivers entertained. For example 'Who needs an Aston when you've already got a Martin?' or 'I'm gonna name my first child Bar because I'll be raising it'.

Name: Alice Hathorn
Age: 21
Occupation: Artist
Roadsign: Haha, no idea. Probably 'Danger Ahead'. Or any sign about cats crossing really.

Name: Brett Charles Seiler
Age: 18
Occupation: Art Student
Roadsign: Cigarette Break

Name: Sarah Zimmermann
Age: 18
Occupation: Art Student
Roadsign: Dala what you must

Name: Isaline Goemaere
Age: 23 (ugh)
Occupation: Student of Immunology and Infectious Disease
Roadsign: Young Science

Name: Clint Jacobs
Age: 29
Occupation: Designer of everything
Roadsign: Bicycles Allowed Here

Name: Kerry Chaloner
Age: 26
Occupation: Artist
Roadsign: Relax

Name: Patrick Visser
Age: 22
Occupation: Film Maker / Event Organiser
Roadsign: 'You've Got 99 Problems But This Roadsign Ain't One'. 'Have a nice drive!'

Photography: Caroline Mackintosh for My Friend Ned Agency
Stylist: Fani Segerman
Makeup: Nicci st Bruce