Jun 11, 2014 2:59PM

Performance Group Wears Pants Stained With Menstrual Blood

The 'Manifesto for the Visibility of the Period'.

Spanish performance group, Sangre Menstrual (aka 'Menstrual Blood'), has taken to the streets in anger and blood-stained pants, defying and revolting against the shame that the patriarchy instills in women when it comes to menstruation. As part of their Manifesto for the Visibility of the Period, the group wore white pants with period blood stains on the crotch and legs during their street protest.

Quoting their manifesto, they said, "I stain [my pants], and it doesn't make me sick. I stain [my pants] and I don't find it disgusting."

The personal being political and all (especially when it comes to women), the feminist group's goal has always been to crush the stigma and taboo surrounding women's periods — an important middle finger to give society, like our girl Petra Collins did with her - banned - 'Period Tee' shirt last year.

As she said in her interview with best friend Tavi Gevinson for Oyster #104, "It just really showed me to what extent we are intolerant of these topics. It really worried me and scared me that something like that would make the news — that it was so 'shocking' and 'disgusting' [...] The bottom line is that I put these things we don't see in mainstream culture on a t-shirt you could buy at a store that's on every corner."

The point both Petra Collins and Sangre Menstrual are driving home is that these issues need to be more visible in everyday life to normalise them as part of the human experience.