Jul 20, 2016 3:25PM

Petra Collins Made A Short Film About Lil Yachty

Just keep sailing.

Your girl Petra Collins just teamed up with youngest and freshest lil' dude Lil Yachty to make actual magic. The short film, produced by The FADER, sees Yachty dress up as an old man, get his hair did, and premiere two new tracks. It also features interviews with his fam and his haters, as well as Yachty himself opening up about being bullied and learning what he wanted from life.

The whole thing is very Petra — hazy suburban scenes spliced up with neon-lit rooms and iPhone footage. It also delivers on substance with Yachty revealing that he doesn't know how he does it on new song 'So Many People', before he introduces us to his main dudes Burberry Perry and the Sailing Team, and gets real about being teased in school.

"I was probably the popularest kind on campus, but in the worst way," says Yachty. "Being in college really let me know I don't want to live a regular life. I want to be rich, I want to be celebrity, I want to be famous, I want to be known, I want to be able to have this hair and people not laugh, they get excited."

We also learn that Yachty's real name is Miles, meet Mumma Yachty and cop hella fresh outfits from the whole crew. A second new track called 'All In' closes out the video with Yachy saying:

"I've never called myself a rapper, I used to correct people sometimes, 'cause I don't just rap, I'm a brand. That's why I built Swimming Team, Swimming Team is bigger than a group, Swimming Team is a wave, it's a movement, it's just like a thing of positivity."

Get into the good vibe below.
Photo: @petrafcollins

Lucy Jones