Mar 30, 2017 4:45PM

Photo Essay: The Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds Memorial Was A Celebration Of Life


The world lost two legendary women late last year in the form of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. This week, friends, family and fans gathered to celebrate the legacies of the beloved actresses.

Star Wars shrines and smiling fans broke with the usual solemn tradition of such events, staying true to Debbie's wishes. Oyster contributor Darren Ankenmen tells us that one of the most memorable quotes of the day came from Carrie's brother, Todd Fisher, who said his mother "hated funerals and memorials... so this is more of a show!"

"Todd Fisher, Griffin Dunne, and Dan Aykroyd all had nice things to say. However it was Gavin de Becker, who knew Carrie for 45 years or so, who gave the most amazing, heartfelt speech I've ever heard about his lifetime of friendship with Carrie," Darren continues.

"Other highlights included home movies, a performance by the LA Gay Men's Chorus, some young dancers from the Debbie Reynold's Dance Studio, and appearances from R2D2 and Carrie's dog Gary. The film clips of young star Debbie Reynolds visiting soldiers in Korea were incredible. She would sing them songs and they would beckon her to take them back home."

Join us in remembering the lives of two great women via Darren's images and words above. 

Photography: Darren Ankenman

Lucy Jones