Sep 23, 2013 12:41PM

Photographer Profile: Dakota Gordon

She shoots Mateja and tells of meeting Kim Gordon.

Dakota Gordon is a self-taught Sydney-based photographer whose images of cute girls in suburban scenes can be found all over Tumblr, attracting the attention of streetwear label ONLY NYC, as well as buddies/collaborators like Mateja from The Wolves and stylist Imogen Wilson — whom she worked with on the above impromptu shoot, just for Oyster. 

Jerico MandyburHow old are you?
Dakota Gordon: I'm 22 years old

Where did you grow up?
I grew up on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Although I'm not much of a beach person, it's a fantastic place to live.
Where do you live now?
I still live on the beach, I had a brief stint of living on the Gold Coast, however it wasn't for me. Who knows where I'll be next year!
How did you get into photography?
I got my first SLR camera in 2006 because I wanted to take photos of my friends bands at local hardcore shows, as there weren't many local band photographers around at that time. It was a hobby of mine until 2011 when I started taking it seriously. 
Do you remember the first photo you ever took?
I'm pretty sure it was of my neighbour when I was about 10, I dressed her up and did a 'fashion shoot' in my living room with my Mum's camera, I still have those photos in an album somewhere.
What camera do you always carry around?
I ALWAYS have my Contax G2 on me, I traded my 24-70mm lens for it with a friend whilst I was in America and it's the best thing I've ever done. I love that camera to bits.
How did you meet Mateja and Imogen?
I contacted Six Wolves because I was interested in doing a test shoot with Mateja about a year ago and upon meeting her, we realised we had a quite a few mutual friends, and Imogen contacted me about doing a shoot with her, it was so great working with both of them simultaneously and I wish Imogen lived in Sydney so we could all work together more often (hint hint). 
How did you get involved with shooting for ONLY NYC?
I'd constantly use ONLY gear, which I'd purchased for myself in random shoots. They saw my photos and contacted me in early 2012, offering to send me a box of clothing, it then became a regular thing every few months. They took a chance with me and I'm so privileged to work closely with such a generous and creative bunch of guys who have helped me in so many different ways. I recently visited their head office in New York and it was so cool to finally meet all of them in person! 
Can you tell us a bit about your US trip? What/who did you shoot there and what was your best memory?
It was the best trip I've ever been on. I shot over 25 rolls of film in 12 days which included Warped Tour, Destroy LA Fest, Alysha Nett, Rylee Breen and basically anything and everything I saw which I found interesting and I'm currently putting together a small zine which will showcase that. My best memory was either being apart of an art exhibition with a few of my very talented friends in LA or randomly meeting Kim Gordon at a park in suburban Brooklyn. Sonic Youth are my all-time favourite band and I'm pretty sure it's the only time I've gotten a photo with a celebrity.
How do you feel about in front of the camera, instead of behind it?
I'm very camera shy and I tend to cover my face in almost every photo, I honestly don't know how the models do it most of the time! 


Photographer: Dakota Gordon
Stylist: Imogen Wilson
Model: Mateja @ The Wolves