Aug 31, 2012 1:33PM

Photos: Jay-Z Being a Dad

Descends private helicopter with Blue Ivy Carter.

Sometimes I wish I was a baby. Not like a gross fetish adult baby (ew), but, like, an actual newborn. You don't really have to do anything except exist, and you get carried everywhere. You're also allowed to sleep in public, plus your self-esteem would have to be pretty high, with strangers constantly telling you how cute you are. 

Blue Ivy Carter's infant existence is the one I most envy. To begin with, her mother is the greatest woman alive (your counter-argument is invalid), and her dad is pretty alright at life too. They also REALLY love her — the day after BIC was born Jay-Z released a song dedicated in her honour — but aside from all that important emotional stuff, that they are REALLY rich (they're on the top of Forbes' list of highest-paid celebrity couples, with a modest combined annual of $78 million last financial year. Her cot cost $20,000. HER COT). She will probably get to call Kanye 'uncle' when she learns how to talk.
While there have been plenty of images of Beyoncé being generally fabulous while strapped with a BABYBJÖRN like it ain't no thing, Jay-Z hasn't really been seen in public with the young one. Except for these new images of him with his eight-month-old daughter descending from a private helicopter in New York City — just in time for her to make her New York Fashion Week debut, we assume. Can we expect to see her sitting front row (in a high chair) at the shows next week, nestled between Anna Wintour, Bryan Boy and the other fashion bloggers?
Also, loving the white jumpsuit, BIC. So Bianca Jagger of you.