Oct 31, 2014 2:38PM

Playlist: Melbourne's GL On Their Favourite ~Scary~ Songs

Ahead of the duo's Goodgod EP launch.

Melbourne lords of leisure tunes, GL are launching their eagerly-awaited debut EP Love Hexagon at Sydney's Goodgod this Saturday night, woo! See you there. The duo's glowing synths and cosmic-80s beat are a guaranteed party-starter as well as an excellent way to spend your Hallo-weekend. Here's a little sample of what to expect.

Speaking of Halloween though, we asked GL's Graeme and Ella to make us a horror-appropriate YouTube playlist to get into the spooky/funky spirit of the weekend. Here's their favourite scary songs!

Goblin - 'Tenebre Parte 1'
"An iconic refrain from the 1982 Italian horror thriller film."

Run DMC - 'Ghostbusters'
"Queens hip hop group Run DMC provide the theme for Ghost Busters II in 1989."

Bootsy Collins — 'Countracula'
"Bootsy gets freaky once again as he takes on 'Countracula' in 1982."

Queen Of The Damned - 'Akasha's Carange'
"Beloved Aaliyah plays Askasha in 2002 film Queen of the Damned. Capable of ripping out hearts and eating them raw with her fangs. We love Aaliyah!"

The Alex Mack Band
"An special after school treat when Alex Mack makes for debut musical performance."

John Carpenter - Halloween 1978
"The 1978 American independent slasher horror film directed and scored by John Carpenter."

Kirk Gadget and Valkyrie 1984 - 'Ghosts'
"Deep, dark like it’s October 31st."

Gatekeeper - 'Giza'
"This was made in 2011, but you would think Vangelis had a hand in it."

Blues Brothers 2000 with Erykah Badu Funky Nassau
"A classic moment in modern cinema."

Fela Kuti - 'Zombie'
"Zombie is the title track from the fourth studio album by Nigerian afrobeat musician Fela Kuti in 1976."

Casper the Ghost - 'One Last Wish'
"A moment to reflect on the supernatural."

GL's Love Hexagon Launch ~ Sydney
w/ TEES, Andy Webb & McInnes
Saturday 1 November 2014
11pm @ Goodgod Small Club
Tickets here

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