Dec 17, 2014 2:39PM

POND Release Video For 'Sitting Up On Our Crane'

Psychedelic dream TV.

Perth psych rockers POND have just released the second track from their forthcoming album Man It Feels Like Space Again and it's RAD. 'Sitting Up On Our Crane' is a melting psychedelic dream that quite literally is about climbing on cranes. "We'd sit at the top and I'd always be afraid that we were gonna fall off, kill ourselves. That's what that song's about. Kind of an anxiety power ballad," says POND's Jay Watson.

POND will drop their new album in January 23. In the mean time sit back, relax and let 'Sitting Up On Our Crane' engulf you. 

You can also download the track free here

Photos: POND

Alexandra Godwin