Dec 14, 2016 3:05PM

Practical Fuccboi Calculates Cost Of Supreme Brick House

But imagine the resale value.

Supreme reached peak streetwear troll by dropping a brick as part of its 2016 Fall/Winter collection all of which sold out, and some of which are now selling for $1000 on eBay. Smh, Supreme. The question on every true fuccboi's mind when the brick landed tho was not "Why would I buy dis brick?" but rather "How much would it cost to build a crib with these bad boys?". Thankfully, an ambitious Redditor has come up with an answer by calculating the approximate cost of a Supreme brick palace.

The bricks originally retailed for $30USD but the mathematician rounded it up to $40 after shipping and came up with a final figure of $4,704,000 (not accounting for any other building materials). 

It would cost ~ $4,704,000 USD to build an average sized house out of Supreme Bricks from supremeclothing

It's less steep than we expected tbh, but it's still peanuts when you think about what the resale value would be.

Photo: Courtesy

Lucy Jones