Nov 13, 2015 1:17PM

PSA: Aziz Ansari And A Tribe Called Quest Are Both Doing AMAs On Reddit RN

Go ask them stuff.

If you have any unanswered questions for the lads of ATCQ or Aziz Ansari, now's your chance to get closure 'cause they're both hanging out on Reddit RN. Double up, double up!

Everyone's favourite tribe are about to drop their 25th anniversary reissue of their 1990 debut, People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, and Aziz is being a mad QT answering all Master of None fans' questions.

Most of the questions are pretty srs/legit, but of course some dickhead had to go and ask Tribe, "Can I Kick It?" What a jebroni.

These are our highlights so far:

A Tribe Called Quest:

JackErskine: Any chance you'll be on the new De La Soul album?
OfficialATCQ: Jarobi - There's a chance, I don't know.

Marvin_Str8: You on point Phife?
OfficialATCQ: All the time Marvin. 

Rexlibris: Hey guys, a bit of a random question. Do you remember a crazy brit ex-pat named Sean Carasov from the early days?
OfficialATCQ: Ali - Captain Pissy, he signed us. Rest in Peace. Are you his ghost?
Jarobi - Captain Pissy was our dude, he was the highlight of our early tribe career.

CanadianClubChairman: Can I Kick It?
OfficialATCQ: Tip — we don't know, can you?

Aziz Ansari: 

i_am_thoms_memeI'm really loving your show, and I wanted to ask about the trip to Nashville episode. Did you ever take a girl for a 1st date to a different city? It sounds crazy! Like what if there was no chemistry or the other person sucks?
azizansariAMAOne of our writers had that experience and it fit with my "Monster Truck Rally Theory" from the book, so seemed perfect. Also loved going to Nashville so we could use that country music and I could eat at Arnold's Country Kitchen.

Babushka5Did the doctors actually treat new doctors to a steak dinner, but they decided they didn't want to have dinner with an Indian immigrant? Is that actually what happened to your dad? If so, he is a hero for staying in the country and not giving up in his pursuit of a better life for his kids.
azizansariAMAYes this really happened to my dad, they told him to eat in the cafeteria.

giraffacamelopardalAziz, what's the best pasta you've ever had in your life (so far)?
azizansariAMAThat pasta on Dev's fridge is a pasta I really ate in Rome. It was tollerini alla gricia (I think?). Also I just went to Bologna and loved the tortellini en brodo I had there. Holy shit.

Photo: @atcq, Tumblr

Madeleine Woon