Jun 11, 2015 10:50AM

PSA: Ja Rule And Ashanti Are Coming To A Venue Near You

Dreamz do come tru.

Stop what you're doing rn and let this news wash over you: the OG King and Queen of R&B, aka Ja Rule and Ashanti, are heading to a venue near you. Next month. And tickets have just gone on sale.

If you were born before 1995, chances are their smooth tunes provided the soundtrack to your tweenage days, and you found endless joy in singing their risqué lyrics. If you still have a soul/taste in music, chances are that you definitely still listen to them on occasion (/always). Here are our fondest memories of the greatest music duo of all time:

When Ashanti "got more street" for Ja Rule, by becoming the modern day equivalent of Sandy from Grease, because <3
When Ja Rule was just casj eating cereal in his lush AF pad, dripping in bling and surrounded by babes in lingerie in 'Always On Time'. 

And when the sky literally rained lingerie (Ashanti is still #1 in our hearts).

When Ashanti was a str8 honey, but her beau was a foolish idiot. 

When everyone was too busy wondering What Luv is to realise that Fat Joe was dressed as a giant bottle of mustard.

This certified banger feat. blue eyeshadow and amazing choreography. 
When they were the cutest BFFs in this underrated love ballad for the ages.
How Ashanti always looks at the world through rose-tinted glasses. 

They just don't make music like they used to.

Tour Dates
Sunday, July 19 - The Pier, Geelong @ 7pm
Thursday, July 23 - Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane @ 7pm
Friday, July 24 - Co. at Level 3 at Crown, Melbourne @ 7pm*
Sunday, July 26 - Marquee The Star, Sydney @ 7pm  (already sold out!)

* No Ashanti, soz guys ;(

Madeleine Woon