Jul 26, 2010 12:00AM

Pubic Service Announcement

Those images of a blonde girl staring sad-eyed from behind her boyfriend's shoulder that have been appearing on bus stands lately really aren't enough to put us off rampant, promiscuous, unprotected sex. Much like music, melted cheese based dishes and avant-garde fashion design, the seventies and the Belgians do STD PSAs better than anyone else. As a service to our readers, we figure we should show you the consequences of carelessness in a truly cinematic style.

This first offering is a relatively recent one from Belgium. Much like a burning sensation, its tune will linger on with you long after the ad has stopped playing.

Look closely at the happy little puppet presenting the facts in this clip and ask yourself - would this be acceptable to play on late night television today? Is it even safe for work? Is there an old-school ad-man out there with a legitimate copyright case against the Puppetry of the Penis performers?

The best thing about this charming ditty is the immaculate styling. When it finished we found our fingers twitching to buy hats - unfortunately we don't think the floppy straw variety are particularly effective in the fight against sexually transmitted infection.

Written by Alyx Gorman.