Aug 02, 2017 10:56PM

Punk Rappers Ho99o9 On The State Of The World, Crazy Outfits And Going Nude

I fink u freaky.
Ho99o9 (pronounced 'horror') aren't your typical band, which is part of the reason they're unforgettable. Formed by theOGM and Eaddy, the LA-based duo's hardcore punk rap music is as powerful and impactful as the message they portray.
Known for intensely wild and ridiculous shows, they've been attracting attention with their eccentric style and fiery commentary on racism, violence and commodification of black lives. Expect the weird, the strange and the inexplicable with everything they do — from their high-energy industrial sound, to politically charged and gory visuals, and in-your-face performances.
Recently, they put out their first full length album United States Of Ho99o9, so we hopped on the phone with them to chat about the state of the world, crazy outfits and performing naked.
Can you tell us the thought process behind your new album 'United States Of Ho99o9'?
theOGM: It's pretty much life experiences and things going on with our country, our family, our friends and the world. We gathered a bunch of like-minded musicians, producers and we made it happen.
You refer to yourselves as mutants, can you elaborate on where that comes from?
Eaddy: The term mutant, when you think of the X-men, are these outcasts of the world with powers that are different. We are outcasts ourselves - the ugly, the bad, and there's also the beautiful. We label ourselves mutants because we don't fit in with any one kind of musician or artist.
In your music you deal with political issues from the past and in the present. How do you feel about the world in the future?
theOGM: I don't know where it's going! I feel that technology and social media is growing, and it's both a gift and a curse. It's beautiful because you can access things so quickly. Your music and your art can reach across the world without meeting them with a click. It also takes away from the art, like going out and physically doing something. People can talk shit online and talk about protesting or whatever but not physically hit the streets and go do it. There's always going to be wars, that's the world we live in and that's just life in general.
What scares you the most about the state of the world?
theOGM: I want to say violence but... racism. Racism isn't black and white, it can be any race. Violence is probably at the centre of all racism. It's been around for years and years, and it still affects people.
A lot of your videos are pretty wild, where do you get ideas and inspiration from?
theOGM: Most of the videos, are the product of, obviously the songs. The content we want to talk about is straight forward. We want to talk about racism, capitalism, government oppression… just everything that's going in our country and we want to address it all in our videos. We work with this guy, Behn Fannin in Los Angeles and he shares the same ideas. We basically just throw a couple things him; songs, concepts and then he comes up with a way that is sort of digestible.
What's your favourite horror movie?
theOGM: The Devil's Rejects by Rob Zombie, The Omen, and probably the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. That shit's tight.
I've seen some crazy outfits and accessories from you guys, where do you usually shop?
TheOGM: I don't know, we don't really shop. I just get things when it comes to mind. It wont even be something  I see on someone, or the movies. It just comes to me. For instance, I wear a wedding dress most of the time and that idea literally just came to me one day. I don't really think I've seen a guy wearing that.
How many wedding dresses do you have?
TheOGM: I own 2 or 3 of them (laughs).
Where did you get them from?!
TheOGM: I just stumble across them. Like a friend would say, "Yo I found this thing and I want you to have it because you'd make better use of it."
What should people expect at your shows?
TheOGM: Fucking god damn good time. Expect a lot of fun and a lot of energy.
You guys have performed naked at live shows. What's that feeling like and why is it something you do?
Eaddy: I just like the moment; taking my clothes off and being free with myself, the world and everybody around me. I was born into this world naked, so I like to express myself naked.
I'd imagine people and the venues would have a surprised reaction?
Eaddy: Yea, I mean, if you're at a show, normally when a band performs, everybody has their clothes off, but I don't know any shows with a naked black man with their dick out in front of you. People would be shocked at that. To be honest, I don't even know when I'm going to do it, it's not planned, I'm not too sure what the venues thinks of it, but that's not of my concern. You might get it, you might not.
So you're pretty comfortable with yourself.
Eaddy: Yea, sure!
Can you recall the craziest show you've done?
TheOGM: We're going to go with the last show we just played in LA, we threw a cake in the crowd, and ice, and PBR. It was our birthday, and they came out with a cake. The whole crowd sang happy birthday and we threw it into the crowd.
Outside of making music, what do you guys get up to?
TheOGM: Smoke and hang out, create more shit…and eat tacos.
If Ho99o9 was a drink, what would be in it?
Eaddy: Let's'd be blood, the fucking green stuff from ninja turtles, ale, whisky, snot and some coconut water.
Lastly, for people who don't know Ho99o9, how would you describe it to them?
Interview: Darren Luk
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