Sep 03, 2013 1:26PM

Purchasing Issue Exhibition NYC

Feat. Zara Mirkin and curated by Jesse Miller-Gordon and Don Devore.

New York City's Superchief gallery at Culturefix is putting on a new show called 'Purcahsing Issues.' It opens tonight and if you're in town, you should totally go. Why? Because it looks really good. Oyster contributor Zara Mirkin will be showing her work there, as will other great photographers like Evan Hunter McKnight, Adam Rossiter and Alan Yuch. Curated by Jesse Miller-Gordon and Don Devore, they'll also be sounds and lights from Sick Feeling and Tell (Kamau Patton.) 

If that line-up and the probability of free drinks isn't not enough (who are you?), then look at this video!
'Purchasing Issues'
Superchief Gallery at Culturefix
9 Clinton Street, NYC
3 September - 8 September 2013
(Opening reception 3 September 7pm - 10pm)