Jun 04, 2015 7:29AM

Rag & Bone Debuts Badass Campaign Film 'The Driver'

Michael Pitt’s directorial debut.

Rag & Bone have been busy writing sexy crime scripts. Today they debuted The Driver - a short film that emphasises their SS15 collection. It's so badass, you're half expecting Tony Montana to come in and start cracking skulls.

Instead, the film stars real people such as French-Spanish (French in the case of the film) mega-babe Astrid Berges-Frisbey, as well as Stephen Graham, and Michael Pitt (who worked together on HBO's Boardwalk Empire).
Michael narrates the thing (and has yet another boxing scene for Rag & Bone) (he also directed it so…), and you get the feeling something's not right with him. But hey, what's a humble driver with a keenness for acoustic guitars got to hide?
Astrid plays the exact type of woman she see's the Rag & Bone woman as, "feminine, but practical and essentially free to do whatever she wants."
Stephen is some kind of thug who's nailing Astrid. He tells her he loves her in the back of Michael's car and then BOOM. Club scene. Set off by fresh beats from James Murphy (LCD Sound System).
No spoilers or nothing, but this is where Astrid's character feels "free to do whatever she wants" and shit hits the fan. Watch and find out:

Images: Rag & Bone and Tumblr

Hayley Morgan