Sep 16, 2016 11:03AM

Raury Drops Heaps Personal Song About Anxiety, Depression & Suicide


Little bae Raury has always been super open with his fans, but the heartfelt honey takes it to new heights on his new track 'Butterfly'. The song will probs break your heart, with its lyrics about the loneliness, depression and the suicidal thoughts the 20-year-old has experienced coming up in the industry. 

The swish production, which is kind of reminding us of Kanye circa My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, provides the perf backdrop for his ethereal vocals and mad raps. Over an 808-style beat, Raury goes deep on self-doubt and despondancy, sing-rapping lyrics like:

"I walked the school halls they would call me a wannabe / I did the small shows that nobody would come to see / I gave in to madness I would cave in to sadness", and, "Sometimes I have visions of suicide". Raury has a pretty cult-following, so it's super cool that he's opening up about such taboo subjects. 

Love him even more below. 
Photo: @raury 

Madeleine Woon