Mar 13, 2014 12:57PM

Reddit Aggregates Everyone's 'Sexy' & 'Hot' Friends

Evades FB privacy, belongs to pervs.
Reddit, nucleus of the world wide web and incessant conference zone for important internet business, house this one subreddit that's been brought to our attention. It's called r/FacebookCleavage and its premise is sharing "sexy pictures" of members' "hot Facebook friends." In an alliterative nutshell, it's all about pervy PG pics that exploit or evade people's lax privacy settings. At the time of writing, the subreddit is at 16,820 subscribers. Here are the rules they play by:
This girl, in a thread titled "Off To Australia" is currently on top. Aussie babes FTW etc. Here is a snippet of the beautiful dialogue that occurs in this realm: 
Thank you Reddit for facilitating this hobby for leering, pants-less and sedentary men the world over. As unearthed by self-proclaimed feminist site Jezebel, this is an exceptionally uncouth example of predatory behaviour — a guy that announces  "I have over 500 photos of this girl and imgur only lets me put 30 in an album. Anyone got any advice for where to upload a zip that I'd be able to post a DL link to here?” Gross. This called to mind another Reddit trend with a similarly awful feeling — 'bubbling'. Ingeniously, users find provocative pics of hot chix in bikinis and when they add bubbles… it's even more provocative! Because they look naked!