Jun 11, 2010 12:00AM

review: you're on my mind

Ohad Rein, the man behind the optimistic folk pop of Old Man River, is first and foremost a storyteller. His new EP You're On My Mind explores love won,

love lost and aging, with the same buoyant optimism that won so many over following his 2007 single 'La'.

The opening track 'You're On My Mind' is, by all accounts, a by-the-numbers love song, but with the conversational charm of Rein's light, unselfconscious vocals.

'Shanti Aaye', remixed by Luke Steele, is the highlight of the album, blending swirling psychedelia with Hindi vocals. Buoyed by light bright vocals, the eccentric melange of swirling strings, twanging banjos and sitar, the mix somehow avoids feeling overwhelming.

Old Man River has delivered an EP that is rich and eclectic, warm and genuine. His engaging lyricism gives you the sense that he just wants to brighten up your day with a few good stories. And he does.

Written by Lillian McKnight.