Jul 05, 2011 12:00AM

Riccardo Tisci Cover Art

Givenchy's creative director designs cover for Kanye/Jay-Z release.

Persian rugs devoid of cherubic imagery incur his wrath and he makes sure his "chick" is always clad in "that new Phoebe Philo" - past experience would suggest that Kanye West does little by half. Thus, it was with great excitement but little surprise that we learned the cover of Yeezy's long-awaited collaboration with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne, is rendered entirely in embossed gold and designed by Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci.

Yesterday it was reported that the release of Watch the Throne would be delayed, disappointing all who wished their 4th July fireworks to be accompanied by a healthy dose of Ye-Z. Kanye mollified the masses by breaking news of the cover on his Twitter. Responses from fans have been generally favourable and not-at-all hyperbolic - EmperorMthaezar deems it, "Empirical... Fit for any Emperor or King..." while DunderLeo dares ask what we're all thinking, "Does it come in real gold?". Of course, while a solid gold album cover would probably prove relatively inaccessible to the common man, we hold out hope that Watch the Throne proves just as delightful as Tisci's cover art.

Words: Lillian McKnight