Feb 25, 2014 11:38AM

Riccardo Tisci: Kim Kardashian Is The Modern Monroe

Because she's tough, clever and has roots.
When Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci says something, people listen. The man is rarely wrong — which makes his recently stated opinions on his m8 Kanye West's fiancee, Kim Kardashian, prime fodder for full-time internet debaters. Being a reality TV star, and a Kardashian at that, the baby mumma of North West has a hard time proving her legitimate fashion chops — despite getting the tick of approval from ex-Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld and others. Case in point, every time we do a story about her, the comments are all like "I H8 CHU! Die!!!1!" 
Even Tisci was sceptical at first, telling The Sunday Times, "I met her as the girlfriend of a good friend. I just wanted a moment with her to understand — and I fell in love. She's the Monroe of our age. People think she's like a doll, but actually she's tough and clever." The Marilyn Monroe of our age, you say? That is a big call — but it's one that Riccardo dares to make. Has the whole world got the wrong idea about Kim Kardashian? Has she actually been the (tough and clever) victim of media spin this whole time? Why did she get her boobs lazered the other day? So many questions.
As the designer goes on to explain, "It's not so much the beauty of people, but the talent, the roots and the intelligence that concern me. I love people who are not scared to fight for their own rights and have their own point of view. The world is big: the music world is big, the art world is big and the fashion world is big, but I think you can recognise a tribe in the similarity of people." You lost us at all the 'big' stuff, Ric. But your heart is (probs) in the right place, and you've sure as hell started another for/against Kim Kardashian shit fight discussion on our Facebook page and for that, we thank you. 
Photos: Karl Lagerfeld