Apr 13, 2017 7:01PM

Ricky Martin To Shake His Bon-Bon In 'American Crime Story' Versace Edition

The exploration of Gianni Versace's murder via TV series American Crime Story is chaos rn. Not only were the Gaga as Donatella rumours false, the role ended up going to a very curious Penélope Cruz. If that didn't rattle the old nervous system, perhaps the announcement that Ricky goddam Martin has been cast to play Gianni's boyfriend will.
Ricky spent some time on the small screen in the 80s, but has been out livin' life crazy since then. So there's no real saying how he'll go in the role. Ryan Murphy seems to be pretty good at TV shows, so we can only trust that this is a good move. Entertaining at the very least.
The Versace series isn't due for a long while, with American Crime Story's Hurricane Katrina edition to air first, some time in 2018, and Versace to follow about 6 months after.
Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan