Aug 06, 2013 10:25AM

Rihanna at Carnival Festival Barbados

Wears diamonds, adidas and a hip flask

"Woke up in paint and a veil from partying in de street all morning!!!" tweeted the only girl in the world, Rihanna over the weekend. Badgalriri spent some time in Barbados for Carnival Festival, presumably to exemplify exactly how to 'shine bright like a diamond.' 

In re-imagining underwear as outerwear, except featuring maxxed-out bling that's probably definitely worth more than your car, she completed her look with fishnets and adidas trainers. Because she is nothing if not #edgy. 

We can only hypothesise from pictures published by The Daily Mail that Rihanna spent a large portion of her time being shiny and sipping from her hip flask. She also Instagrammed the shit out of herself. Here are the results.